Friday, April 15, 2005

Golf Lessons with Blair Douglass

I have been taking golf lessons from Blair Douglass at Dobson Ranch Golf Course in Mesa, Arizona. I wanted to keep a record of things I have learned at each lesson. Here is a summary of what I have learned so far:

Lesson 1) Basically in this lesson I learned that I was distributing my weight more to my right foot than I should. This was aparent because my left heel was coming off the ground a lot. Blair corrected this and this is what I worked on until the next lesson. Also, finish facing the target, with my weight on my left foot and my right foot on the toe.

Lesson 2) I learned to set up with my head slightly behind the ball and my hips slightly rotated. This way, I will avoid the swaying on my back swing.

Lesson 3) I learned to point my butt at the target. This totally stops me from swaying. If I point my butt at the target, then I coil onto my back foot, which is what I want to do.

Lesson 4) Basically I want an inside out downswing. Keep my hands behind my right shoulder at the top of the backswing. Cock my wrist at the top to get the club parallel to the ground.

Lesson 5) I didn't feel like I learned much on this lesson except again at set up to stay behind the ball, create a curved body, and bring the club face back at a slight angle...not directly back. Also, keep the right shoulder slightly down at address and back from parallel. This way my back swing will be more at an angle which will create an "inside out" downswing that I want. This probably doesn't make sense, but as long as it makes sense to me....that's what counts.

Other things I have learned is that I should keep my head up, back straight. I worked on weakening my grip on the left hand in one of the lessons because I was hooking it every time. Also, if I pull the ball it is because I don't have the inside out downswing. If I chunk it, it is because I didn't get my hips around fast enough I think. I will ask him that again next time. Also, I should line my feet up to a target about 5 yards left of where I want to hit the ball...line my clubface perpendicular to that line. Hands in front of the ball is good. Right shoulder a little back from parallel to feet.

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