Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I got an 83 at Dobson Ranch!

The Saturday before last (July 16) I scored an 83 at Dobson Ranch. It has been my goal to break 90 this summer and not only did I break 90, but I got close to 80! I was so stoked!

I went as a single so I didn't know the two other people I was playing with. I played with this cool guy who was Phillipino that worked at Intel. He was in the cart with me and was an excellent partner because he played well, but didn't rush....very layed back just like me. The other guy with us pulled a thank you! Not in the 100+ degree heat!!! He was wearing headphones and didn't talk much. He played really well.

Another statistic that my Phillipino golf partner so generously noticed and shared with me is that I was even par on all my par 3 holes. That's awesome! That means that my approach iron shots were right on target and my putting was on too.

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