Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Most Beautiful Golfing Weekend Ever!

I just got back from one of the best golfing weekends ever! My girlfriend and I went to Lakeside again to vist her parents. Her dad and I golfed our hearts out! The weather was beautiful and the country club course is gorgeous. We golfed 18 holes and I was doing great with my driver, which is a change for me. All that I changed was my setup routine. My setup routine goes like this:

1) From directly behind the ball, survey the fairway and determine exactly where I want to hit the ball.
2) Take a few easy practice swings while surveying.
3) Approach the ball and rest the handle of the driver on the inside of my left thigh, holding onto it with my left hand only. The head of the driver will be inside the ball so that when I extend the arms, it will be directly behind the ball and I will be the proper distance from the ball.
4) Apply the right hand to the grip and extend the arms.
5) With the clubhead above the ball, simulate the position at impact with my hips rotated.
6) Finish the swing.....repeat the impact position and swing a couple of times.
7) Swing Away!!!

This was very effective and I think Alicia's dad only out drove me like two times. He usually outdrives me more than that.

My score ended up as a 91 for the first round. We then had lunch at the clubhouse on the patio, overlooking the course. It was absolutely beautiful.

After lunch we went out again for a second round. I started out strong, hitting my driver and my irons rather solidly. In both rounds I was struggling with my short game, especially chipping and pitching with my wedges. I really need to work on this part of my game. I ended up with a 94 in my second round. I should be breaking 90 by now, but I still had a great time.

My girlfriend's dad shot in the 80's both times. Both of us were extremely tired with about 3 holes left in the second round. We were dragging afterwards, but had to hurry back to the house, shower, get ready, and go back to the clubhouse for an amazing dinner out on the patio.

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