Thursday, September 01, 2005

Back to the Drawing Board

I have been playing terribly lately! I slice a lot and sometimes I "pull slice" where the ball starts left and then fades right. It's ugly and I don't get much accuracy or distance. So............I am taking more lessons from Blair.

This morning was my first lesson of my 2nd round with Blair Douglass at Dobson Ranch. He saw right away what my problem was. A huge swing flaw that I had when I started golf back in Boise four or five years ago had creeped back into full force! My club face is completely open!!!

When I started golf, I had this open clubface problem. I worked and worked at it to keep it closed. Then, I took two years off from golf while getting a masters degree at ASU. Upon starting back up, I feared that I would have this problem again, but in my 1st round of lessons with Blair, he said my club face was perfect throughout the swing. So, somehow in the last couple of months the open clubface syndrome has come back to haunt me!

Blair gave me a drill that I am going to work on all week. It is simple....just take the club face back to halfway and keep it very, extremely closed the whole way. I am not going to look at the clubface on the way back because I don't want to get in the habit of watching the club, but I am going to freeze at halfway back and then look at the club. At the halfway point, my club should be very closed, not straight up, but closed. By doing this, I can feel what it feels like to have a closed clubface. Then, on the swing through the ball, I am going to take an inside-out approach and the ball will probably start at the target and have a slight hook. What I don't want is to start left of the target...this means I am still pulling or coming over the top.

I am not going to take a full swing all week. I am going to drill this to death! Well, ok, this Saturday morning when I golf with my friend Med, I will at least have to take a 3/4 swing....but even this Saturday, I am going to have a closed clubface. I will recover from this illness quickly!!!

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