Thursday, November 17, 2005

Golf Lessons with Blair Douglass

This morning I had another lesson with Blair. This lesson I learned the following from Blair:
1) I need to stand a little taller instead of being hunched over the ball.
2) Take a longer back-swing with the driver to give me more time to close the clubface at impact.
3) Put the ball further up in my stance on the drive to give more time to close the clubface at impact.
4) If I start slicing the ball, try hooking the ball several times until I am confident that I can hook it....then SWING AWAY! This morning this worked great! When I swung away the ball went high and far with about a five yard draw.

Things I learned myself:
1) Have a looser grip. I found that I couldn't hook the ball because my grip was too tight. It's harder I think to roll my forearms over if my grip is tight during the downswing.

Blair was pleased with my swing at this point. He even said I didn't need to come to him any more unless I have problems. I just need to practice and use Blair's strategy of fixing problems by over-doing the opposite for a while. For example, he had me really close my clubface on the backswing when I was leaving it open. That way what felt "normal" was actually square, where as before "normal" was actually open....if that makes sense.

I am going to go back to Blair next week and take a short game lesson. I really need to work on this part of my game!

This weekend I am going golfing with my father-in-law to Longbow and then on Tuesday I am taking the afternoon off and going with him to Ocotillo, the place where I got married. Since we had the wedding there, we get a free foursome! Should be fun!

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