Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Short Game Lesson

Today I had a lesson with Blair on the short game only. He looked at my chipping and was very pleased with how well I am doing with that considering that we haven't spent much time on it. The only thing he noticed is that I open my stance a little too much....I can close it a little more. He also noticed that sometimes I take my club back a little too short and then try to accellerate it through. I need to take the club back a little further so that it is a more smooth followthrough.

Next, Blair looked at my short pitch shots. Here again, I need to take the club back further so that I can have a smooth followthrough. Sometimes I take it back short and try to force it through impact.

Finally, we looked at my putting stroke. Overall I think Blair was impressed with my putting. I was alligning well and going straight back and through. One tip he gave me that worked well is that I need to picture a box that my putter head is going to go to. When I make my practice stroke, I picture this box and my putter face following through to the box and no further. Then I copy the swing on the real stroke. This takes my mind off a ball outcome and focuses more on the putter head, which keeps me from pulling my head and automatically watching the ball. Just in my lesson, I noticed a great improvement on my putting.

I asked Blair afterward if he could pick one thing to work on for my short game and he said "rhythm". This is true. If I work on my rhythm for the chipping and the pitching and putting, I will have a much better short game. Really, that's all we worked on for each technique.

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