Friday, June 02, 2006

Update on my golf swing

I have been working hard on my golf swing with Blair, having lessons every 3-4 weeks and this last lesson with Blair was very encouraging. He said that my swing was coming along great and that it is the best it has ever looked. Now, that can mean a lot of things :) but it was good to hear him say that.

Last weekend I golfed with my father-in-law up at Pinetop/Lakeside....although it was very windy and my scores didn't really reflect it, I think my game was better. I was hitting my irons very well and cleanly. A few times I was having trouble because I was hitting my irons "too good", in other words they were going further than I was counting on.

The only things that Blair told me to concentrate on were:
1) Setup - narrower stance (mine was too wide) and tilt my left hip.
2) Tempo
3) Full turn with my driver.

Things that I have noticed are:
1) With my driver, and my irons I need to keep my head more still. Because I have a tendancy to sway, my head sometimes sways too. I have found I am more consistent if my head position is relatively still throughout the swing.
2) I need to turn my right hand over at, or soon after impact. If you look at the pros, you can see all of their knuckles on their right hand after impact with arms fully extended. That is the look I want.
3) Loose grip will help with #2....with a grip too strong it is harder to turn over.

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