Monday, July 17, 2006

Open Club Face is Back!!!

The dreaded Open Club Face has made a reappearance in my golf swing! It is so frustrating, but true. The good thing is that I knew it and could feel it, and Blair confirmed it. So, now I am really over closing the club face again to hopefully, quickly fix it.

Saturday I went golfing with my father-in-law, Jimmy at Superstition Springs Golf Club in Mesa, AZ. We had a good time. He brought along a friend from work who was actually a pretty good golfer, and I brought my buddy from work, Med.

I actually did very well on the front nine (40) but fell apart on the back nine (50), so I ended up with an even 90. It was so, so hot, so that is my excuse as to why I fell apart. Can you believe that it was 96 degrees at 5:45 AM on our drive to the course? Who knows how hot it got while we were there!!!

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