Thursday, September 21, 2006

85 then 83 at The Raven at South Mountain

This past weekend I played at The Raven at South Mountain twice. This course has nice views of South Mountain, which is just south of downtown Phoenix. I also really like The Raven because it has nice practice facilities, and unlimited practice balls are included in the green fee, where most courses charge $5 for just a few balls.

I was very pleased with my driver and my irons. My short game wasn't bad either, especially my lag putting, which I have practiced more recently. I used to leave a lag put either way short or way past the hole. Now I usually leave myself a 3 foot putt which I can usually make. My chipping was ok, but I remember a couple of times where I chunked my chip and had to either re-chip or putt from the fringe. That shouldn't happen!

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