Monday, November 27, 2006

78 at Pinetop Country Club!!!

Thanksgiving day was good to me and one thing I have to be thankful for is Golf! On Thanksgiving day my father-in-law played the Pinetop Country Club. They are re-doing the sprinkler system on the front nine, so we played the back nine twice.

It was a day of firsts for me. Hole #12 is a par 5 and I got my first eagle. I had a decent drive, but I wasn't on the fairway, so I pulled out my 5-wood and thought I would get it close. When I arrived to the green (we were walking) my ball was on the green about 20-30 feet from the hole. Interesting enough, my father-in-law asked me if I had ever eagled a hole, which I hadn't. As I was lining up my putt, I noticed a slight right-to-left break of about a foot and I didn't even think about sinking it...I was just trying to get it close and what do you went in!!!

The next first came on the exact same hole....hole #12. I hit a tremendous drive (for me) of about 310 yards with about 225 left to the middle of the green. I pulled out my rescue club (#3 iron replacement) and hit a beautiful shot onto the green, but it rolled uphill about 54 feet past the hole about six inches onto the fringe. I was putting downhill and said to my father-in-law that it looked as if I wasn't going to eagle the same hole twice. As I sent my ball down the hill, I noticed it was rolling well and my father-in-law said, "it looks like it's on track" and when it fell into the cup, both of our jaws dropped and we couldn't believe that: 1) I sank a 54 foot putt and 2) I eagled the same hole twice in in the same round. It was amazing!

The last first followed at the end of the round. We added up my score and I broke 80!!!! The lowest score up to this point was an 80 at Longbow. I think everyone has a "whatif" moment after scoring a low score. My "whatif" was..."what if I hadn't scored an 8 on hole #17?" "what if I had scored a bogie 5 instead?" That would mean I would have received a 75 for the round!!!! What is it about golf where no score is ever good enough???? You gotta love this game!!!

(I won't mention in this blog that the following day I got a 90 on the same course and a 96 on a course in Snowflake, AZ :-)

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