Monday, November 13, 2006

Club West Mens Club

This past weekend I played a round at Club West Golf Course and decided to become a member of their men's club. I have never been a member of a men's club so it should be interesting, and hopefully a lot of fun!

The people at the golf club sure didn't seem to have much information about the club. I asked the starter when I bought the membership for some info about upcoming events and he didn't have any idea, so when I finished my round I asked a different employee the same question and he gave me a sheet with a list of events. When I got to my car and looked at the list it was for next year, so from now until January 1, 2007 I don't know what events are coming up. I have no idea about the handicap system they use, or if I need a certain number to log my scores or anything. I hope the quality of service and information about the club doesn't reflect on the quality of the men's club itself.....but it probably does. :)

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