Thursday, December 14, 2006

My first money made playing golf

At the men's club tournament this past weekend I won $40 in cash and a $50 gift certificate at the pro shop. That's not too shabby since I paid $65 for the round of golf, cart, and food/beverage as well as $15 cash for skins. I made a whopping $10!!! Should I still be considered an amateur? Should I hire myself an agent? Ha!!! :)

Now I may be admitting my ignorance when I say this, but I didn't really understand what "skins" meant when I entered the contest. For those of you who are at my level of understanding when it comes to betting and/or different formats of scoring the game of golf, let me tell you what "skins" means.

Basically, all the money from everyone who contributed to the skins goes into a pot. At the end of the tournament, the person lowest score from each hole is eligible to win "skins" on that hole. However, to win "skins" on the hole, you have to be the only one with that low score on that particular hole. For example, I won skins on hole #6 at Club West with a birdie (2 on a par 3). No one else got a birdie, so I won skins. Now, the money from the skins pot is divided amongst all those who won skins. I don't know what happens if nobody wins skins on any holes...maybe the money is returned to everyone? There is potential to win a lot of money in skins (I won $40)...if you were the only one to win skins, you would get the whole pot!!!

The $50 gift certificate was because my partner and I tied for the best "net" team score. Net means they took our handicaps into consideration (I'll try to explain that in another entry when I fully understand) other words, it wasn't our raw score. Also, since we were playing 2-man best ball, we took the best net score for each hole. So, for example if I got a net 3 on a hole and my partner took a net 4 on the hole, my net 3 would go on our team scorecard. I thought this was a lot of fun because we got to play our own ball, but some of the pressure was off because usually if I blew up on a hole, my partner did well on that hole and visa versa.

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DegenerateGolfer said...

welcome to the world of gambling seth! it gets better when you play a "nassau" game with another buddy