Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Golf Lesson from Dr. Joel

Where to begin....sometimes I feel like I forget everything that I have ever learned about the golf swing; this is how I felt today at my golf lesson. What I learned from Joel today:

Do list:
  1. Aim properly - when I was setting my feet, I was looking at the ball instead of my target. When I look at my target while setting my feet, my aim is 100% better.
  2. Posture - my posture needs to be more upright. I was bent over too far with my hands too low. A good checkpoint is the butt of the club should point at the belt buckle.
Swing thoughts/feeling:
  1. Wrist set- I need to set the club earlier. A good checkpoint is halfway back my wrists should be set.
  2. Width - keep the width in the back swing. Keep the width between my hands and my head. Wrist should not be cupped or broken down at the top.
  3. Shorten - In my swing, with my level of flexibility, I should shorten my back swing. When I try to lengthen it, I break down my wrists and elbows, and I might even reverse pivot, roll onto my right side of my right foot. Basically, there is no good things that come from trying to extend my back swing further than about a 3/4 swing.
  4. Inside - Attack the ball from the inside. Start the weight shift with the left knee and then come from the inside.
  5. Stay in posture throughout the swing. I tend to come out of posture at top of backswing (another reason to shorten) and on my follow through, I come out of it and stand up.
  6. Keep right shoulder back - think about keeping the right shoulder back and down at impact. This is hard to describe in words, but when I start my downswing my right shoulder jumps out in front of the left one. Keep the right shoulder back.

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