Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The "No Backswing" Golf Swing in Golf Digest

I read an interesting article in Golf Digest about the "No Backswing" swing. It said that for higher handicaps, using a "No Backswing" approach would lower your score.

The premise was that since the backswing really doesn't add any value to the swing, but only gets you set up for a good downswing, then why not eliminate the back swing? They say to:
  1. set up to the ball like you normally would, with the proper distance from the ball, correct grip, etc....then...
  2. get at the position where your right elbow is bent, and the shaft of the club is at about 90 degrees to your straight left arm.
  3. Pump the left arm...basically raise the left arm a few inches and then..
  4. Hit the ball
Since a lot of beginners tend to sway away from the ball in the back swing, or do the dreaded reverse pivot, if they eliminate that back swing, they will eliminate those problems. In theory it sounds good.

I tried this at the range last weekend, and I actually did better at the "No Backswing" swing then I thought I would. However, I think this approach loses the rhythm and the back and forward swing creates.

After experimenting with this concept, I really think this "No Backswing" should be used as a drill rather than a swing that is used on the course.

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