Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't Re-Grip the Club

Blair Douglass, a golf instructor from Dobson Ranch Golf Course, found a slight hitch in my swing. At the very top of my back swing, I am re-gripping the club. This causes the club face to either open or close...every once in a while it might stay the same, but likely the club will shift in my hands at the time of re-gripping.

Now, I am consciously thinking about keeping the same pressure on the grip during the entire swing...especially at the top. I can practice this at home with a club in the back yard without actually hitting a ball.

Another thing Blair noticed is that I take the club too far back to the inside. I have always struggled with this. I think it is a product of me trying to get a full shoulder turn...I feel like if I really wind up, I'll be able to create more club speed. So, I am working on this as well by feeling like my club is more vertical on the way back.

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