Monday, November 05, 2007

Golfing with Jimmy at Sun Ridge Canyon

Jimmy and I played a Suncor course in Fountain Hills called Sun Ridge Canyon. It is a beautiful course and because we have the Suncor Players Card, we get it for half price, which at this time of year is still a whopping $70!

We should have invested our money in a mutual fund because we played terrible. At the end of the round we were both left with about 1 ball each! To top it all off we were playing with a couple of cocky, rude, Canadians.

We were always having to wait for the group ahead of us, so Jimmy and I would actually spend a little time looking for our wayward balls (which the Canadians did too). However, we would help them look for their balls, but when we were looking for ours, they would walk right past us, play their ball and one time they left the green while we were coming up on the green.

That made Jimmy and I Jimmy went right up to them and said "I don't know how you all play golf up in Canada, but down here in the U.S. we have a little more respect than that!" The old fart said he was sorry, but he tried to cover up his actions by saying that the round was taking too long. I wanted to tell him to go on ahead if he thought he could play any faster (we were backed up...he couldn't play any faster).

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