Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Keep Club Face "Looking" at the Ball

I had the 2nd lesson in a series of 10 lessons with Blair Douglass from Dobson Ranch Golf Course. His observation of my swing is that during my practice swings my club face looks good and is basically square the whole time. However, when I am swinging with a golf ball, I open my club face early in the back swing, take the club way too far to the inside, and have to work really hard getting the club face back to square and usually pull hook the ball.

So, for now, I am over closing the club face in the first part of the back swing. When I am over the ball, I take two or three mini back swings...over-closing the face. Then I take my real swing, trying to really close the club face.

Blair says when I am feeling that I am over-closing the club face, it is actually square. So over-closed to me is actually square in reality. Sounds strange to me, but since I can't actually see my back swing, I have to trust Blair. Actually, he has a video camera in my lessons and shows me, so it is true.

It is frustrating to me that I still have the same issue after all this time. This has been one of the main problems of mine from day 1 with the golf club. The good news is that my swing path looks good. I am coming from the inside. That is definitely an improvement!

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