Friday, November 02, 2007

Lose the One Piece Takeaway

Golf Digest had an article to lose the mindset of the one piece takeaway. It said that when an amateur tries this, he/she takes the golf club too far to the inside and plus starts the turn too soon so that the lower body has to wait for the hands and club head to catch up.

What tends to happen is that during the time the lower body is waiting, it continues to try to turn but ends up being more like a reverse pivot. The weight is not fully loaded over the right side. Also since the club is taken too far to the inside the tendency is to correct on the down swing and come over the top.

The correct way is to start taking the club back with the forearms, and start cocking the wrist. The Golf Digest author said to feel like you are pushing down on the end of the grip with the heel pad of your left hand, so that the butt of the club points to the ground. He also said it will feel "handsy" but it will actually allow your hands to be a lot less involved during the impact area of the downswing.

Another great tip from the article to avoid coming too far to the inside on the back swing is to use your toe line as a guide. Don't let the club head get behind your toe line.

The funny thing about the article is that it is totally against what some golf instructors say. Basically this article tells you to cock your wrists early and take the club away with your hands. It makes sense though because it helps you:
  1. Take the club away with the club head in front of you instead of behind
  2. Keep everything, all your body parts in sync during the swing.


Anonymous said...

Wrong. One piece takeaway is far better.

Anonymous said...

There isnt a better one its what ever feels more comfortable and natural to you. Just like a one plane and two plane swings.. you get good and bad one planers like you do two planers. If it works dont change it.