Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back Swing Path Improvement

In my last entry, I mentioned how Blair told me to "over-close" my club face on my back swing. One aspect of this that I don't think I mentioned is that when you open your club face in the first part of the back swing, you tend to take the club back on a flatter plane, or too far to the inside. When I "over-close" my club face on the first part of the back swing, the tendency is to have a steeper plane. Since I usually have a shallow, flat, too-far-to-the-inside back over-closing my club face, I'm creating a steeper swing plane without thinking about the plane. I'm thinking only about feel, the feel of over-closing my club face.

Since using this over-closed club face drill, I have seen improvement. My ball flight is more consistent...I still have the pull hooks and the push fades, but more often the flight is straight. Tomorrow I have my 3rd lesson in the series of 10 lessons with Blair.

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