Monday, May 19, 2008

89 at Cattail

Saturday I played Cattail at Whirlwind, one of the two courses (the other is Devil's Claw) with Jimmy. We started betting lunch on our round and last time he beat me by 1 stroke on the same course. This time I shot an 89 to his 93 to win the round. That sandwich at Paradise Cafe never tasted so good! :)

I didn't play particularly well, but I was happy with my driving. I was keeping track of the number of fairways I hit, but I left the score card on the golf cart so I don't have the exact number, however I remember seeing a lot of "Y's" on there. I played well on the front nine, shooting a 40 but on the back I ended up getting a 49. There were a lot of 3 putts that should have been 2 putts and a lot of chips where I didn't help myself out, leaving a long 10+ feet to the hole.

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