Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Golf GPS device to buy

It seems the answer to the question of what device to use for correct yardage is endless and the opinions differ so radically.

My father-in-law got a laser device and he hates it. I have used it and don't like it either. The reason being, it takes time to 1) Get the device out and up to your eye 2) Decide what object you are going to bounce the laser off of (the flag is so small) and 3) Make sure you are holding the device steady or you might get a reading from the tree behind the flag. I usually have the best luck using the lip of a sand bunker and then judge the distance from there, but it is difficult to say the least. Some people are good at it and love it, but I am not a fan.

So, now I am trying to decide which GPS device to buy. I had narrowed it down to a model of the SkyCaddie from SkyGolf because everyone on the course I have seen with one loves it. I have noticed that the SG3 uses AA batteries, which I think would be nice...that's just what I need is another gadget to plug into the wall. However, the SG5 is color screen and I think has a slightly larger I'm also considering this device.

In reading reviews of the SkyCaddie at the forum and other review sites, it makes me rethink my decision. However, I wonder if people who have bad experiences with a product, no matter what the product, are more likely to post because they are disappointed, maybe even angry, and want to get it out of their systems and warn the rest of us (which I thank them for). On the other hand, those who are happy or satisfied with the product don't feel as strong of a need to post and therefore we get a somewhat biased view of a product.

Now I'm more confused on what to buy than ever! :)

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