Tuesday, June 03, 2008

89 at Talking Stick

Talking Stick is a Troon course in Scottsdale off the 101 and Indian Bend. It is a desert course which is nice...I like playing on courses that don't have houses lining them. I played with my Jimmy and a couple of his friends that were in town for a wedding. They were nice folks...they must have a lot of cash because they bought our Gatorades and our lunch! I want to play with these guys more often! :)

Jimmy and I have a lunch bet going on every game we play now. Jimmy got an 87 so he beat me by two strokes and I owe him lunch. It will be like pulling teeth to get him to accept the lunch because he is used to paying for everything...but I will pay up! Jimmy was sinking putts and chipping up close to the hole. I parred the first 3 holes, so I got off to a great start, but that quickly faded. My driving was pretty solid...I hit 10 out of 14 fairways...but my approach shots weren't hitting the greens and my chipping and putting suffered as well.

This weekend I'm playing in a scramble with Jeff...a guy I met at Whirlwind who is more addicted to golf than I am. The other weekend he practiced for at least six hours straight for both days. His hands were so blistered when I saw him that he could barely hold the club. However, he just got a 79 at Whirlwind and says his scores have improved so I guess it was worth the pain.

Last week I had a lesson from Blair. He mainly told me to focus on taking the club back more on line instead of to the inside. When I hit balls last weekend, I noticed that if I feel like my right arm is on top of my left arm on the way back on my back swing, then I am not taking it inside.

Blair also showed me a drill to do with my driver where I take the club back to where the shaft is parallel to the ground...just 1/4 of the way (not at the top) and make sure the shaft is pointing down my toe line. In my normal back swing, the club head is way to the inside at this point. He advised me not to look at the club head because I don't want to get in the habit of looking at the club and not the ball.

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