Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How NOT to Win Friends and Influence People on the Golf Course

So, yesterday I golfed Whirlwind Cattail course after work. I was in a hurry because it was late and I wanted to get 18 holes in. I saw a few guys paying for golf behind me and I didn't want to get stuck with them because I saw nothing but wide open fairways. Well, I was in such a hurry that on hole #1 I hit my drive into the fairway bunker, then my approach shot was wide right, my 1st chip was over the green, my 2nd chip was short, I putted my 3rd chip, then putted in for a (count-em) 7 (triple bogie) on the 1st hole. Oh well, it was a nice, peaceful, sunny afternoon with wide open fairways. Now that I was through the 1st hole I could focus on the rest of the holes.

Well, as I was putting a gentleman drives his cart past me on to hole #2. I was like, "no you didn't". I thought to myself...if this guy is going ahead of me, he better get out of the way or I will hit into him. You can't just drive ahead of someone like that. If you do, you had better play faster than me.

When I drove up to the 2nd tee, there he was waiting for me. He asked if I was playing or practicing. I said, "well, I guess both." I usually enjoy playing with someone rather than alone, but I guess since I played hole #1 alone, I was already in the mood to play alone and I don't like surprises or changes in the middle of a round. So, that was odd, but I thought...oh well, it will be nice to play with someone else, and on the 2nd hole it was ok. He had a nice swing, was a good player, but was a little cocky.

But on the 3rd hole (a par 3), the guy hits a nice shot to the back of the green where the pin was and I told him it was a nice shot. I chose an 8 iron, and since the left and back of the green was guarded by water, I decided to play a fade (I'm right handed). Well, the ball started out right of where I wanted and faded off the right edge of the green.

So, Guy (I'm going to call him Guy) immediately asks, "what did you hit?"

I answered, "an 8 iron"

Guy asks, "what do you think the distance was?" Can you believe this jerk?

I said, "it's about 160 to the middle, the flag's in the back, so about 170-175."

Guy says condescendingly, "do you normally hit your 8 iron that far?"

By this time I was thinking...who does this guy think he is? I wanted to tell him off, but instead I gave him a full explanation of why I chose my 8 iron for that hole, "I was aiming for the middle of the green. I'm a mid-handicapper, and the water wraps around behind the green."

As we approached my ball was off the right of the green in a hollow and I said, "Yep, just the right distance for the middle of the green."

The whole time I wanted to tell this guy to either go ahead of me or behind me because I didn't come out here to be critiqued by Guy wannabe. However, to quiet him up I set up for my chip and CHIPPED IN FOR A BIRDIE!!!! TAKE THAT GUY!!!! And Guy missed his putt and made par. Yessssssssssssss! hahaha! That was awesome!

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