Friday, June 27, 2008

Request to Remove PGA Superstore Pic

Judy from posted a comment about my last post on the PGA Superstore in Chandler, Arizona. I used the picture from the website and I guess it was copyrighted. Who knew? :)

Below is the comment she posted, and I was just thrilled that someone noticed this little ol' blog of mine about my love for golf!

I just came across your blog and I found my copyrighted image there. Please immediately remove that image of the PGA Superstore. is a part of the New York Times Company, and I am supposed to report copyright violations to the legal department there, but I would prefer to give you the opportunity to correct this mistake.

Judy Hedding Guide to Phoenix, AZ

1 comment:

Judy said...

Hey Seth,

Thanks for your quick action on the photo. When you have a blog, you never know who's reading! ;-)

I love golf, too. I recently blogged about my visit to the PING factory tour. Have you been?