Monday, June 09, 2008

Scramble at Foothills

I played in a scramble at the Foothills golf course with Jeff, who I met a Whirlwind and a couple of his friends....Taras and Chris. The scramble was, in my opinion, expensive at $90 a person and the benefits went to the Awatukee City of Lights (Christmas lights they put up on trees along the street). However, I think scrambles can be fun and Jeff needed a fourth person, so I went ahead and played. We had a great time, so I'm glad I went.

The Foothills course was in terrible shape! The fairways were spotty and the greens had new sod laid around them which instead of allowing you to run the ball up to the pin, would stop the ball, or send it off course.

We did ok at 8 under, but we shot a bogey on a par 3 which should never happen in a scramble. :)

The great thing was that we all contributed fairly evenly. I can't point out one person who contributed more or less than anyone else. It made me feel good that they all wanted me to lead off at driving because believe it or not, I have improved my driving distance and accuracy lately. Early on in the round I was not contributing to the approach shots to the green and we all were doing horrible with our 100 yd and in wedges. However, there were two holes in a row on the back nine where we used my approach shots so I felt a little better about that in the end. My putting was not on and that's where it is fun to contribute because that's the difference between a birdie and a par...or an eagle and a birdie!

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