Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Highlights at Whirlwind

At Whirlwind, I didn't get a full round in before it got dark, but here is a highlight of the round.

On the first hole, I hit a great drive down the center of the fairway. On my next shot, I shanked the ball, which I haven't done in a long time. I was disgusted. Since I was the only player out there, and probably the last of the day, I pulled out a practice ball and landed it on the front of the green.

As I approached my ball, I realized I was about 78 yards from an elevated green (from where I was standing) with a small tree in front of me. I pulled out my 60 degree wedge and knew I could fly the tree. As I hit my ball, I saw it launch right at the flag. Since the green was elevated, I couldn't see if I was short or long, or what happened to the ball after it hit the green.

I climbed the small hill to the green in anticipation. There a ball lay on the front of the green, quite a distance from the pin. "Oh well" I thought and I went and pulled the pin out from the hole only to hear a ball settle in the bottom of the cup where the pin had been. "Who left their ball in the hole?" I wondered.

All in one moment I saw that the ball was mine, and realized that the ball in the front of the green was the practice approach shot that I had hit previously. I looked around to see if anyone had witnessed my ball go in the hole, as I definitely had not. No one was around, but I gleefully marked a 3 and circled it on my scorecard!

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