Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Choosing a Golf Bag

I finally selected a golf bag! I have been looking and looking and finally decided on the Sun MountainC-130.

Let me tell you the process I went through in making this decision:

First, I had to decide between a "Cart Bag" or a "Carry Bag". A Carry Bag is also sometimes referred to as a "Stand Bag" because it has two legs that allow it to stand on it's own.

I decided on a Cart Bag because even when I walk, I have a pull cart which I can put the cart bag on more easily than a carry bag. Also, almost all of the courses I play include a cart in the fee and are designed more for riding a cart than for walking. Finally, the cart bag has more pockets and room for useless things that I like to take onto the golf course. :)

The decision finally came down to one of the Callaway Cart Bags and the Sun Mountain bag. Honestly, the only reason I was deciding between the two was because an employee at the PGA Superstore recommended the Sun Mountain bag. He said that there really isn't much difference between the brands of bags, but he likes the Sun Mountain because they are built to last. He personally has seen less returns and less problems with the Sun Mountain bags.

I also wanted a bag with individual pockets for each club. The Sun Mountain has dividers for 14 clubs, and an additional putter well. So, in reality this gives me an extra divider for my "desert club". Here in Arizona, you need to have a "desert club" for when you need to hit your ball from the desert. Usually the desert consists of rocky terrain that will damage your new irons, so you want to have an old beat up club from Play It Again Sports or something. My desert club of choice is a 52 degree wedge, whereas my father-in-law's desert club is a 7-iron. One downfall of the individual dividers is that now I cannot shove some of my practice aids into my golf bag.

I've only used my golf bag once so far, and so far I love having an individual slot for each club. Now my clubs slide in and out of the bag very easily. I also love the plethera of pockets available so I can separate my golf balls from my tees, etc. One thing that will take a little getting used to is the main carry handle is on the back side of the bag to allow more pockets in the front of the bag. I am used to having this handle on the front, so this will take some time to get used to. Other than that, I think I made a great choice.

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