Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Still taking away my irons to the inside

I had a lesson with Blair Douglass yesterday. It has been a few months since my last lesson, but I have been working on several things...mainly taking my club back online rather than to the inside. Blair said it's looking better, but when I saw a video of my take away, it looked horrible to me! I've got to get my back swing looking good because it sets me up for a good downswing. I know the impact area is where things really matter, but it's like other things in life where good preparation pays off.

The good news is that my footwork is fine, no complaints from Blair, although he isn't extremely picky with mechanics. He also said my driver back swing was perfect, so I guess when I have troubles with my driver, it probably isn't my back swing...it's either a face angle issue, or something else.

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