Tuesday, December 02, 2008

From Snowman to 81 at Ocotillo

I started out the round on Sunday at Ocotillo with a snowman! It was 8:30 AM on a Sunday and I was starting to think that maybe I shouldn't have gotten up that morning. However, I ended up with a 43 on the front nine (the blue course) and then a startling 38 on the back nine (white course).

One thing I noticed that I improved on this time was putting. I didn't have any 3 putts the entire round. Sometimes that statistic is misleading, because on the front nine I had several chips and two putts. In my opinion, a chip and a two-putt is the same as a three-putt....THREE STROKES!!!


Anonymous said...

Before each round I hit about 30 putts from 4 to 12 feet with my right hand only.
Then, putting normally (i.e. two handed), find two holes that are at least 20 feet apart with some elevation change. Hit three balls from one hole to the other with the intent of hitting them all past the hole but no more than 3' past. Repeat back and forth several times.
The one-handed drill gives me a very good feel for releasing the putter. Also, for some reason, when putting one handed my head stays dead still. The second drill gives me a good sense of speed control.
When practicing putting I try to keep everything below the waist as still as possible. It is easy to think you are staying still and stable when you really aren't. I try to feel like my lower body is encased in concrete....zero movement allowed. It is amazing how quickly my putting can improve with this 'swing thought'.
It sounds like the short game is what's keeping you from the next level. My biggest improvements came when I put the Pelz books aside and starting reading Utley.
Some patience was required as Utley's ideas took longer to sink in for me. But the payoff has been worth it.
Good luck.

Seth said...

Thanks for the putting tips, I will have to check out Utley's book as I have heard other great things about it.