Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friday, October 09, 2009

Best round ever (77) at Poston Butte in Florence, AZ

Jimmy and I played Poston Butte way out in Florence, AZ the other day. I had my best round ever! Golf is a funny excited as I am about scoring the 77, I can't help but think of the triple bogey that I got and how if I had only got a bogey I would have scored a 75!!! :) Can't I just be happy?

But then, I think of several good putts I made or chips where I got a par instead of a bogey...a bogey instead of a double. Those are better thoughts.

Monday, August 10, 2009

3 rounds in a row under 80

For the first time in my life I have not only shot 2 rounds under 80, but now 3 rounds! My 3rd round being a 77 at Falcon Ridge in Mesquite, NV on 31 July 2009.

On August 1, I played Wolf Creek in Mesquite, NV which has amazing views! I will post a slide show of this beautiful course!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to Back 78's

I shot a 78 at Logan River while playing with my brother Anthony and then last weekend I followed it up with a 78 at Whirlwind Cattail. That's going to help the handicap!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

88, 88, 87 and 79 at Branson

Last week I was in Branson, MO with my in-laws and my wife. We had a great time! I played 4 rounds of golf.

2 rounds at Branson Creek at a score of 88 a piece.

1 round at Payne Stewart with an 87.

and my best round of 79 at Ledgestone.

We had a great time...when I get a chance I will post some photos!

Monday, May 11, 2009

36 holes on Saturday

Saturday, I played 36 holes at the Troon golf course, Whirlwind. They have a special with a Troon Card you can play a second round for only $10 and I finally took advantage of it.

The first round was at the Cattail course at 8:24 am and the second was at Devil's Claw. I shot an 84 on the first round and an 83 on the second....not too shabby for me! I have been trying to apply the new swing thoughts that Mark showed me in my previous lesson. I felt like I did just ok and could have done much better if I hadn't gotten myself into trouble off the tee and if I could have hit some more greens. I would have to say that my most common miss was a pull. I think I still tend to be quick instead of being fluid throughout the swing.

One highlight was when I made about a 70 yard shot for a birdie. It was a par 4 and I had hit into the desert on the first shot and just punched it out into the fairway with my rock wedge to about 70 yards. I took out my 60 deg wedge and hit a nice shot right at the pin. The ball hit the flag and rode it all the way down into the hole! That's one way to get a birdie! :)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Golf Lesson with Mark

Mark is a teaching pro at Whirlwind Golf Course in Chandler, Arizona. I frequently practice at the driving range at Whirlwind, and he was also the head instructor at the clinic from my last post. Since it was my first lesson with Mark, I was unsure what to expect, but what I learned was invaluable to my golf swing.

Using some video equipment, Mark was able to capture great, clear video of my swing from "down the line" and saw that as I hit the ball, I was coming out of my posture. He gave me some great drills and swing thoughts and by the end of the lesson my swing looked ten times better on the monitor.

One of the best swing thoughts was to picture that my hips are in a doorway. On the back swing, the right side of my rear end extends into the doorway and then on the downswing the left side extends into the doorway. For a drill at home, I could stand with my back toward the wall placing my rear end on the wall. Throughout the swing, I should be in contact with the wall at all times...especially, in my case, on the downswing and at impact.

What I've noticed with this change is that my ball flight is more consistent and therefore my misses are less dramatic. I've also noticed that I pick the ball more often, which lately I have been taking huge divots so this is a welcomed change. Tomorrow I will be taking this to the course, so we will see if it improves my score. I definitely have seen an improvement on the range!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whirlwind Clinic

Last Saturday I attended a golf clinic at Whirlwind. It was two hours and cost a mere $25 so it was a no-brainer. There were 3 stations: full swing, chipping, and sand trap.

Here's what I learned from each station:

1) full swing
  • Drill - place a ball a little to the right of my target line and a few feet in front of me and swing out towards this ball. This stops me from pulling my irons.
  • Stand Taller - I tend to hunch over the ball
  • Wider Stance - With a narrow stance, my weight gets over the right side of my right foot a little too much.
  • The Barkley Drill - Charles Barkley does a drill with Hank Haney on the Golf Channel show "The Haney Project" that the instructor said would work for me as well.
2) Chipping
  • Put feet close together
  • Left foot a few inches back
  • Open left foot a little
  • Ball position on back foot
  • Putting stroke
  • Drill - This drill helps your feel. Chip the first ball a short distance on the green. Chip the second a little further than the first...the third a little further and so on. Try to keep chipping a little further each time and see how many you can do before going off the back of the green.
3) Sand
  • Place ball in middle of stance.
  • Open to the target
  • Club face at the target
  • Swing along body
  • Drill - Make a footprint in the sand. Swing in the sand and take out only the footprint. Not more...not less.
  • For a short, high shot (ball in front of bunker near the green) place the ball back in stance to force a steeper swing.

Friday, March 06, 2009

FBR Open in Scottsdale, AZ no longer?

I just saw this article on the Golf Digest website...will someone step up to sponsor what was previously known as the "Phoenix Open"? Will this be the end of the famous 16th hole...the loudest hole in golf? I hope not!


PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem addressed sponsorship issues at a news conference at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship.

The good news: Accenture has agreed to an extension to sponsor the Match Play through 2014. Travelers also also agreed to sponsor the Travelers Championship through 2014. Two-thirds of the title sponsors are signed through 2012.

The bad news: FBR will discontinue its sponsorship of the FBR Open in Scottsdale, Ariz., after 2010, and as had been previously announced U.S. Bank will discontinue its sponsorship of the U.S. Bank Championship after 2009. Then there was Ginn Resorts, which pulled its sponsorship of a Champions Tour event, prompting the PGA Tour to file a suit.

The potentially ugly: Finchem said the Stanford St. Jude Classic will go forward, though he would not comment on Stanford Financial's troubles with the SEC. He also had this to say about Northern Trust, which suddenly has Congress angry at it (see the previous post): "We're pleased with the direction of the Northern Trust Open. Northern Trust has turned out to be a fantastic partner, as we thought they would be, but also there's a lot going on to help build the quality of our tournament in Los Angeles."

In summary, Finchem said, "We're going to keep blocking and tackling and work our way through this."

-- John Strege

Blair Douglass lesson

I had a lesson with Mr. Douglass again last week and he really liked my swing. I've come a long way I think under his tutelage. He liked my take away, but I still have a tendency sometimes to take to the inside. I think this tendency will take me a long time to fully remove from my swing, but it's getting better.

A couple things he told me to work on:

1) Look at the ball a little longer. See my club hit the ball. I tend to look up just a little to early and Blair thinks that is causing other problems, like coming out of the shot too early.

2) Don't over rotate the right heel in my follow through. Keep that right heel pointing upwards.

3) Maybe feel a little more weight in my heels. I tend to lose my balance going forward on my toes.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Golf is the crack of sports

I love this quote from Alice Cooper, which I got from the Golf Channel, because it's so true!

"Being a former addict I understand addiction. It's the crack of sports."
Alice Cooper, talking about how golf helped save him from his personal demons.