Friday, March 06, 2009

Blair Douglass lesson

I had a lesson with Mr. Douglass again last week and he really liked my swing. I've come a long way I think under his tutelage. He liked my take away, but I still have a tendency sometimes to take to the inside. I think this tendency will take me a long time to fully remove from my swing, but it's getting better.

A couple things he told me to work on:

1) Look at the ball a little longer. See my club hit the ball. I tend to look up just a little to early and Blair thinks that is causing other problems, like coming out of the shot too early.

2) Don't over rotate the right heel in my follow through. Keep that right heel pointing upwards.

3) Maybe feel a little more weight in my heels. I tend to lose my balance going forward on my toes.

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