Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whirlwind Clinic

Last Saturday I attended a golf clinic at Whirlwind. It was two hours and cost a mere $25 so it was a no-brainer. There were 3 stations: full swing, chipping, and sand trap.

Here's what I learned from each station:

1) full swing
  • Drill - place a ball a little to the right of my target line and a few feet in front of me and swing out towards this ball. This stops me from pulling my irons.
  • Stand Taller - I tend to hunch over the ball
  • Wider Stance - With a narrow stance, my weight gets over the right side of my right foot a little too much.
  • The Barkley Drill - Charles Barkley does a drill with Hank Haney on the Golf Channel show "The Haney Project" that the instructor said would work for me as well.
2) Chipping
  • Put feet close together
  • Left foot a few inches back
  • Open left foot a little
  • Ball position on back foot
  • Putting stroke
  • Drill - This drill helps your feel. Chip the first ball a short distance on the green. Chip the second a little further than the first...the third a little further and so on. Try to keep chipping a little further each time and see how many you can do before going off the back of the green.
3) Sand
  • Place ball in middle of stance.
  • Open to the target
  • Club face at the target
  • Swing along body
  • Drill - Make a footprint in the sand. Swing in the sand and take out only the footprint. Not more...not less.
  • For a short, high shot (ball in front of bunker near the green) place the ball back in stance to force a steeper swing.

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