Friday, April 03, 2009

Golf Lesson with Mark

Mark is a teaching pro at Whirlwind Golf Course in Chandler, Arizona. I frequently practice at the driving range at Whirlwind, and he was also the head instructor at the clinic from my last post. Since it was my first lesson with Mark, I was unsure what to expect, but what I learned was invaluable to my golf swing.

Using some video equipment, Mark was able to capture great, clear video of my swing from "down the line" and saw that as I hit the ball, I was coming out of my posture. He gave me some great drills and swing thoughts and by the end of the lesson my swing looked ten times better on the monitor.

One of the best swing thoughts was to picture that my hips are in a doorway. On the back swing, the right side of my rear end extends into the doorway and then on the downswing the left side extends into the doorway. For a drill at home, I could stand with my back toward the wall placing my rear end on the wall. Throughout the swing, I should be in contact with the wall at all times...especially, in my case, on the downswing and at impact.

What I've noticed with this change is that my ball flight is more consistent and therefore my misses are less dramatic. I've also noticed that I pick the ball more often, which lately I have been taking huge divots so this is a welcomed change. Tomorrow I will be taking this to the course, so we will see if it improves my score. I definitely have seen an improvement on the range!

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