Tuesday, May 26, 2009

88, 88, 87 and 79 at Branson

Last week I was in Branson, MO with my in-laws and my wife. We had a great time! I played 4 rounds of golf.

2 rounds at Branson Creek at a score of 88 a piece.

1 round at Payne Stewart with an 87.

and my best round of 79 at Ledgestone.

We had a great time...when I get a chance I will post some photos!

Monday, May 11, 2009

36 holes on Saturday

Saturday, I played 36 holes at the Troon golf course, Whirlwind. They have a special with a Troon Card you can play a second round for only $10 and I finally took advantage of it.

The first round was at the Cattail course at 8:24 am and the second was at Devil's Claw. I shot an 84 on the first round and an 83 on the second....not too shabby for me! I have been trying to apply the new swing thoughts that Mark showed me in my previous lesson. I felt like I did just ok and could have done much better if I hadn't gotten myself into trouble off the tee and if I could have hit some more greens. I would have to say that my most common miss was a pull. I think I still tend to be quick instead of being fluid throughout the swing.

One highlight was when I made about a 70 yard shot for a birdie. It was a par 4 and I had hit into the desert on the first shot and just punched it out into the fairway with my rock wedge to about 70 yards. I took out my 60 deg wedge and hit a nice shot right at the pin. The ball hit the flag and rode it all the way down into the hole! That's one way to get a birdie! :)