Thursday, August 26, 2010

I played Silver Creek Golf Course in Show Low, AZ

I played last weekend at Silver Creek Golf Course up in Show Low, AZ with my father-in-law Jimmy. WE had a great time and the weather was absolutely perfect. The course is in excellent shape but watch out for the quick greens, they will add some strokes to your score. I shot a 91 which is mediocre but I still had a great time...I highly recommend this course if you're up in the area.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Played Logan River in Asics Running Shoes

Has anyone ever played golf in running shoes?  I thought it wouldn't be a problem...I've practiced in tennis shoes before and have hit balls in hitting bays wearing them.  Well, last week I played with my brother at Logan River Golf Course in Logan, Utah in my Asics running shoes and it was more of a problem than I thought.  First of all the course was somewhat wet, especially the tee boxes, so my feet slipped while I was swinging.  After I realized that I needed to take one extra club and swing a little 'easier' I did a lot better, but I definitely will do all I can to avoid playing in tennies in the future!  :)

Final result:

Score - 89
Lost balls - too many to count!  :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swingyde is a Great Training Aid!

Inside Approach Swingyde

I saw a guy at the PGA Superstore in Chandler, AZ using one of these in the hitting bay and he had a really nice swing.  I asked him how he liked it and he said he was just trying it out but that when using it, he hit the ball 10 yds further in the simulator. 

I decided to try it on the simulator and I found that this little gadget helped me get into a better position on the back swing, making sure I had enough wrist cock (I tend to not have enough), but what was even better for me was to try to maintain the hinge in my wrist on the way down and then follow through in my release. 

The very next round I played at Whirlwind Devil's Claw in Chandler, Arizona and I shot my best score of a 77.  I don't know if it was coincidence or the Swingyde but I ordered one right away and I love it!  You see, if you are using the Swingyde and you don't follow through properly, the guide will let you know that.  It's feedback that you can feel and see and use on the driving range.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Golf Fix - Turn the weight, don't shift the weight

I love watching The Golf Fix on the Golf Channel.  I have a season pass on my Tivo and watch it whenever my wife isn't in the room because she hates it.   :)

Last night I watched the episode where Michael Breed talked about the turn in the back swing and how all of us amateurs shift our weight in the back swing which leads to a hip sway and our weight going to the outside of our right heel (for right-handers).  I have struggled with this problem a lot in my golf swing and have done countless drills to correct it.  I tried to avoid an excessive hip turn because I've seen so many videos of the X-factor and how you shouldn't turn the hip too much.  However, Michael Breed doesn't seem to care too much about hip turn as long as you get a full turn in the back swing.  The main message from the program was to complete a full turn and think about turning the weight...not shifting the weight in the back swing.

It was interesting to watch Justin Rose and how he keeps his weight so balanced in his swing.  Michael did a good job of explaining how when you turn, your shoulders are more on your right side as well as your chest, so the weight does transfer, but as a result of turning, NOT SHIFTING!!!!

Thanks Michael Breed!!!  Let's do this!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Does the Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Towel really work?

I was at the PGA Superstore the other day buying unnecessary golf items like we all love to do and at the counter the cashier showed me the Chilly Pad by Frogg Toggs.
They had the towel already moistened with water and she let me feel how cool it was.  However, this was in an air-conditioned would the product work in the 110+ Arizona desert heat?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trump National Golf Course

I was in LA last week and decided to splurge and play an afternoon round of golf for $160 at Trump National Golf Course.  It was amazing!  I wish I could have played better though...I shot a 92.  The weather was perfect and the course and scenery were amazing.  It was a different golf experience because the area was heavy with locals walking their dogs down to the beach and tourists taking pictures.Search for trump national golf course

Friday, April 02, 2010

I love my SkyCaddie SG2.5

The SkyCaddie SG2.5 is light, easy to see, and simple to use.  No more searching for sprinkler heads.  No more wondering if I have the right club.  Most importantly, every course I have ever golfed is available for download onto my SkyCaddie.

Monday, March 22, 2010

2nd Place, Closest to the Pin, and 1 Skin...Not Too Shabby

I've been playing in a local men's league that plays several muni courses in the valley and have been enjoying it. Last weekend we played at Apache Wells in Northeast Mesa. I shot a 38-38 for a total of 76, which is my lowest score to date however the course is a par-71 and is rated 67.5 with a slope of not a very difficult course.

I ended up winning 2nd place in my flight ($20 gift certificate) and got closest to the pin on one of the holes (Apache Wells baseball cap) and won a skin on the same hole ($20 cash). I ended up with $56 in prizes, so it was a good day. The funny thing is that I feel that I didn't play that well, thought I putted better this week even though I missed some easy putts.

The main thing I would like to do better with is my wedge game and my chipping. I was missing the greens with my wedges and then even though I was chipping somewhat better than past rounds, it could improve a lot.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Mizuno Mx300 Irons Already Damaged Goods

This image is taken from my cell phone which doesn't have the best camera, but my PW from my new Mizuno MX300 iron set is already damaged! This is after only the 3rd or 4th time using the clubs. The damage occurred at teh driving range at Whirlwind, so it's not like I was hitting from the rocky desert or anything. Because these clubs are chrome plated, the notch actually penetrated the chrome plating and will rust if I don't get this taken care of.

My Ping clubs got some dings and notches over time, but the club head was one solid material so it never rusted, it was more of a blemish but didn't affect the performance or the integrity of the club.

Monday, February 22, 2010

'Tis the time for practice

Since golf rates are so outrageous here in Arizona at this time, I have been doing more practicing lately. One of the things I have been working on is trapping the ball or compressing the ball. It is amazing how much difference this makes in the ball contact and the distance the ball travels after impact.

I have been doing my own drill where I place my hands ahead of the ball at impact, then I take back the club only about to where the shaft is parallel to the ground, so only a 1/4 swing. Then I swing through with a full follow-through and make sure to mimic the feeling I had before the swing. I set down 5 balls and do the 1/4 swing drill on 4 of them and then a full swing on the 5th.

At a 1/4 swing I could get about 3/4 the distance of my full swing using this drill. I think that is amazing!

One thing I noticed with myself is that sometimes when I "try" to get my hands ahead of the ball, I end up shanking the shot and/or fading the ball a lot. I'm not sure why this is....with my hands ahead of the ball I really have to make sure the club face is closed.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Mizuno MX300 irons

The fitting at Cool Clubs went very well. I was fitted by Josiah at the TPC Scottsdale driving range. They had a setup where they could screw on and off the different club heads to give unlimited combinations of club head and shaft.

We tried the TaylorMade Burner, Mizuno MX200, and Titlest AP1/AP2 along with different shafts such as Nippon. In fact it was the Mizuno MX200 and Nippon shaft that created the best combination statistically for me for distance, accuracy, ball spin, etc. Josiah also recommended a slightly longer shaft than my +1/2" which I think became +5/8". Wooooo, another 1/8" will make ALL the difference (enter sarcasm here).

So, I ended up getting the Mizuno MX300 because they are almost identical to the MX200's but with a better looking topline (smaller). It's just that Josiah didn't have the correct MX300 clubhead for me to try, so we used the MX200 in the fitting.

Overall I was very happy with the fitting. Josiah was very thorough in the fitting and I felt I got my money's worth. They also offered to match my wedges to the loft and lie of my irons for free.

There were only two things I wasn't happy about and they were minor. I wasn't notified when my new clubs came in. I waited and waited and finally called and they told me the clubs were in. I wondered when they would have called me if I had waited longer. Then when I went in to get the clubs, there just wasn't the customer service I expected. I had to stand around for a while and wait for someone to come help me.

Then I left my wedges to be altered and ate lunch, and when I came back the clubs were not done and no one was working on them. The guy at the front desk hurried back and I waited for him to finish. He didn't tell me anything, just went back to the shop and started putting the grips on them.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Getting custom fit for clubs at Cool Clubs in Scottsdale

Tomorrow I am getting a custom fit for golf clubs (irons only) at a place in Scottsdale called "Cool Clubs" at 1pm. It was recommended to me by Paul Trittler at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.