Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Mizuno MX300 irons

The fitting at Cool Clubs went very well. I was fitted by Josiah at the TPC Scottsdale driving range. They had a setup where they could screw on and off the different club heads to give unlimited combinations of club head and shaft.

We tried the TaylorMade Burner, Mizuno MX200, and Titlest AP1/AP2 along with different shafts such as Nippon. In fact it was the Mizuno MX200 and Nippon shaft that created the best combination statistically for me for distance, accuracy, ball spin, etc. Josiah also recommended a slightly longer shaft than my +1/2" which I think became +5/8". Wooooo, another 1/8" will make ALL the difference (enter sarcasm here).

So, I ended up getting the Mizuno MX300 because they are almost identical to the MX200's but with a better looking topline (smaller). It's just that Josiah didn't have the correct MX300 clubhead for me to try, so we used the MX200 in the fitting.

Overall I was very happy with the fitting. Josiah was very thorough in the fitting and I felt I got my money's worth. They also offered to match my wedges to the loft and lie of my irons for free.

There were only two things I wasn't happy about and they were minor. I wasn't notified when my new clubs came in. I waited and waited and finally called and they told me the clubs were in. I wondered when they would have called me if I had waited longer. Then when I went in to get the clubs, there just wasn't the customer service I expected. I had to stand around for a while and wait for someone to come help me.

Then I left my wedges to be altered and ate lunch, and when I came back the clubs were not done and no one was working on them. The guy at the front desk hurried back and I waited for him to finish. He didn't tell me anything, just went back to the shop and started putting the grips on them.

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Seth said...

Correction, the additional length was and extra 1/4", making the total +3/4" over standard.