Monday, February 22, 2010

'Tis the time for practice

Since golf rates are so outrageous here in Arizona at this time, I have been doing more practicing lately. One of the things I have been working on is trapping the ball or compressing the ball. It is amazing how much difference this makes in the ball contact and the distance the ball travels after impact.

I have been doing my own drill where I place my hands ahead of the ball at impact, then I take back the club only about to where the shaft is parallel to the ground, so only a 1/4 swing. Then I swing through with a full follow-through and make sure to mimic the feeling I had before the swing. I set down 5 balls and do the 1/4 swing drill on 4 of them and then a full swing on the 5th.

At a 1/4 swing I could get about 3/4 the distance of my full swing using this drill. I think that is amazing!

One thing I noticed with myself is that sometimes when I "try" to get my hands ahead of the ball, I end up shanking the shot and/or fading the ball a lot. I'm not sure why this is....with my hands ahead of the ball I really have to make sure the club face is closed.

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