Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Golf Fix - Turn the weight, don't shift the weight

I love watching The Golf Fix on the Golf Channel.  I have a season pass on my Tivo and watch it whenever my wife isn't in the room because she hates it.   :)

Last night I watched the episode where Michael Breed talked about the turn in the back swing and how all of us amateurs shift our weight in the back swing which leads to a hip sway and our weight going to the outside of our right heel (for right-handers).  I have struggled with this problem a lot in my golf swing and have done countless drills to correct it.  I tried to avoid an excessive hip turn because I've seen so many videos of the X-factor and how you shouldn't turn the hip too much.  However, Michael Breed doesn't seem to care too much about hip turn as long as you get a full turn in the back swing.  The main message from the program was to complete a full turn and think about turning the weight...not shifting the weight in the back swing.

It was interesting to watch Justin Rose and how he keeps his weight so balanced in his swing.  Michael did a good job of explaining how when you turn, your shoulders are more on your right side as well as your chest, so the weight does transfer, but as a result of turning, NOT SHIFTING!!!!

Thanks Michael Breed!!!  Let's do this!!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your posts! Nice hearing about West Coast golf too. So different from here in Rhode Island. Shifting the weight - I always felt like that concept got me moving laterally going back (not good for me!). I actually like Stack and Tilt. No weight shift as such, and nice consistent contact. Once you start swaying, the ball becomes a "moving target". Keep up the great posts!

Seth said...

Thanks for the comment! Sway = bad :)