Thursday, August 26, 2010

I played Silver Creek Golf Course in Show Low, AZ

I played last weekend at Silver Creek Golf Course up in Show Low, AZ with my father-in-law Jimmy. WE had a great time and the weather was absolutely perfect. The course is in excellent shape but watch out for the quick greens, they will add some strokes to your score. I shot a 91 which is mediocre but I still had a great time...I highly recommend this course if you're up in the area.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Played Logan River in Asics Running Shoes

Has anyone ever played golf in running shoes?  I thought it wouldn't be a problem...I've practiced in tennis shoes before and have hit balls in hitting bays wearing them.  Well, last week I played with my brother at Logan River Golf Course in Logan, Utah in my Asics running shoes and it was more of a problem than I thought.  First of all the course was somewhat wet, especially the tee boxes, so my feet slipped while I was swinging.  After I realized that I needed to take one extra club and swing a little 'easier' I did a lot better, but I definitely will do all I can to avoid playing in tennies in the future!  :)

Final result:

Score - 89
Lost balls - too many to count!  :)