Thursday, September 01, 2011

Golf Lesson #8 with Jeff Ritter

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Golf Lesson #7 with Jeff Ritter

Friday, April 15, 2011

Golf Lesson with Jeff Ritter (1 of 10) at ASU Karsten

I signed up for a group of 10 lessons with Jeff Ritter as a birthday present from my wife, Alicia.  Thanks Alicia!!!  I am excited to work with Jeff to improve my golf game.  Of course my improvement depends a lot on how much time I put into practice.  I am committed to practice every day, even if it's in my garage with my mirror.

Enjoy the video below of my lesson!

Jeff teaches at ASU Karsten in Tempe, Arizona and was recently featured in Golf Digest as one of the "Top Young Teachers in America!"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Amazing lesson with Jeff Ritter

I have never been more excited to practice my golf swing than I am now after taking a lesson from Jeff Ritter who is located at the ASU Karsten golf course.  Check out the video!

Let me break it down:

  • My take away is too shallow, and too much to the inside.
    • This is caused by a few things, one being my head leaning to the right.
    • To fix, I need to square up my shoulders and "get my head on straight" as Jeff says in the video.
  • I also can do the "trace the bag" drill where I trace the bag at the beginning of my back swing.
    • Also I like to think of having the club "in the bicep" on the way back.
    • I like the feeling of having my elbow behind me on the way back.
  • From a shallow takeaway I come over the top and become steeper on my downswing.
    • It should actually be the opposite:  steep and then shallow.
    • Because I'm coming down steep my body does everything it can to compensate.
      • standing up taller for example.
  • I want to have a "looping" feel (at least for now) where I come back through my bicep and down through the forearm.
    • I have already been practicing this in my mirror at home.
    • Steep to shallow
    • When I go from steep to shallow, I shouldn't "tuck the elbow".  This is the most difficult to me right now but I'm getting better.  If I can feel like my elbow is still behind me then I'll be ok I think.
  • During my waggle, do a mini-looping swing.
    • This helps to get the feel of steep to shallow.
    • I also noticed it helps to loosen my grip.

Everything that Jeff told me made sense and I can actually see not only how taking it back correctly improves the swing, but also WHY I'm taking it back too shallow.  I need to square up to the target more of trying to keep my right shoulder back, head behind the ball, etc.  This just sets me up for my bad takeaway.

I probably forgot something but I wanted to get something down before I forgot.  I'll try to keep a record of my progress.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best Drill Ever to Cure Your Slice!!!

I just came across the best drill ever for curing my slice and I wanted to share!  On the driving range I was behind my ball taking practice swings, trying to keep my right shoulder back (I'm right-handed) and it just happened that my golf bag was just to the right of my practice swing line.  When I swung from the inside, the dirt and grass would hit my golf bag.  That was the visual that I needed!!!!

So, the drill is:
  1. Set your golf bag down your target line, but to the right about 2 or 3 feet...basically in right field.
  2. Don't hit balls, but make practice swings taking small divots.
  3. The dirt should hit your golf bag.
  4. When hitting a ball, visualize the dirt hitting your golf bag down the line and to the right a little.