Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best Drill Ever to Cure Your Slice!!!

I just came across the best drill ever for curing my slice and I wanted to share!  On the driving range I was behind my ball taking practice swings, trying to keep my right shoulder back (I'm right-handed) and it just happened that my golf bag was just to the right of my practice swing line.  When I swung from the inside, the dirt and grass would hit my golf bag.  That was the visual that I needed!!!!

So, the drill is:
  1. Set your golf bag down your target line, but to the right about 2 or 3 feet...basically in right field.
  2. Don't hit balls, but make practice swings taking small divots.
  3. The dirt should hit your golf bag.
  4. When hitting a ball, visualize the dirt hitting your golf bag down the line and to the right a little.

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