Saturday, March 12, 2011

Amazing lesson with Jeff Ritter

I have never been more excited to practice my golf swing than I am now after taking a lesson from Jeff Ritter who is located at the ASU Karsten golf course.  Check out the video!

Let me break it down:

  • My take away is too shallow, and too much to the inside.
    • This is caused by a few things, one being my head leaning to the right.
    • To fix, I need to square up my shoulders and "get my head on straight" as Jeff says in the video.
  • I also can do the "trace the bag" drill where I trace the bag at the beginning of my back swing.
    • Also I like to think of having the club "in the bicep" on the way back.
    • I like the feeling of having my elbow behind me on the way back.
  • From a shallow takeaway I come over the top and become steeper on my downswing.
    • It should actually be the opposite:  steep and then shallow.
    • Because I'm coming down steep my body does everything it can to compensate.
      • standing up taller for example.
  • I want to have a "looping" feel (at least for now) where I come back through my bicep and down through the forearm.
    • I have already been practicing this in my mirror at home.
    • Steep to shallow
    • When I go from steep to shallow, I shouldn't "tuck the elbow".  This is the most difficult to me right now but I'm getting better.  If I can feel like my elbow is still behind me then I'll be ok I think.
  • During my waggle, do a mini-looping swing.
    • This helps to get the feel of steep to shallow.
    • I also noticed it helps to loosen my grip.

Everything that Jeff told me made sense and I can actually see not only how taking it back correctly improves the swing, but also WHY I'm taking it back too shallow.  I need to square up to the target more of trying to keep my right shoulder back, head behind the ball, etc.  This just sets me up for my bad takeaway.

I probably forgot something but I wanted to get something down before I forgot.  I'll try to keep a record of my progress.

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Shane Hendricks said...

I'm doing the looping swing too. A huge help. I can actually draw my 4-iron now instead of slicing it!