Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Had a golf lesson today with Kay from Ocotillo Golf Course. Her main feedback was that I am too tense.

She gave me some things to work on:
1) Brush the grass - This is where I do short swings back and forth brushing the grass. This is meant to help relax my arms, and I should try to feel an even pressure of both hands on the club.

2) Orange Whip - Kay suggested I get an orange whip, but I canalso use my aiming sticks. Something to swing back and forth with a full swing and get used to a tension-free swing.

3) Swing without a club - Take a normal grip, get in posture, and then drop the club. Do a full swing without the club. This also tends to teach me to be more relaxed throughout the swing.

Other tips:
-Put a 2x4 on the ground in front of my ball. I tend to hit the 2x4 directly on takeaway because I've been trying to take the club to the outside on the way back.
-Use a normal arc on the take away, and don't have the stiff, club face looking at the ball type of takeaway because that causes me to tense up, and get off balance.

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